Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Year's Addendum

As an addition to my New Year's Eve entry (Burning of the Life-Sized Dolls), here are a few photos I didn't have access to before!

These dolls, who are supposedly Bush and Cheney, were placed on a stack of wood being prepared as a midnight-bonfire.

Here I am with a bunch of drunk fishermen who we ran into after discovering our Ecuadorian champagne was flat. They assured us that the "beach was safe, because all the fisherman kept watch." I am not sure how useful their watch was at this point...

Our Ecuadorian champagne was purchased from a gated-fronted liquor establishment which had to dust the bottle off before handing it through the gate. In this case, "aged" did not add to the quality of drink!

Here is a man/doll "begging forgiveness" for the things that he did badly the prior year.

Here's an example of an ode promising good behavior in the new year which was placed below the begging man/doll(Unfortunately, I am not sure a direct translation would be appropriate for this site):

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